Vin Diesel reminds people He's been the Man for Some Time Now

Vin Diesel reminds people He's been the Man for Some Time Now

Fans and critics shamed Vin Diesel last week when an unflattering image of him hit the web. The Last Witch Hunter actor sat down with Complex magazine and gave a reminder to all that he has been the man for some time now.

When Diesel was asked about how he felt about his ‘dad bod’ going viral, the actor said, “That sneaky invasion of privacy feels weird. That's not right. How do I feel about people being so focused on that? I'm okay because I've had the best body in New York City for decades”.

The ‘dad bod’ of Diesel became noticeable when he was seen and captured shirtless in his balcony in Miami. However, The Fast & Furious actor was unable to understand the internet anger surrounding his abs.

He continued that ‘It's like, dad bod goes viral. Like really?’ He added that he doesn’t need to be in front of the camera for a couple of months and that he in reality was a dad.

Diesel has three children. He also pointed out that his ‘dad bod’ might even be useful from time to time, if an individual notes the larger roles that he has played before.

Furthermore, the actor said that in 2006's Find Me Guilty, Jackie DiNorscio was a character that had obesity in some ways and the entire fun of the role was to play fat Jack and play this man.

In the nutshell, the actor wanted his fans to know that he has been around and he's staying around, not matter dad bod or not.