Microsoft will start rolling out NXOE worldwide on Nov 12

Microsoft will start rolling out NXOE worldwide on Nov 12

Microsoft is set to roll out its much awaited software update to Xbox One -- the New Xbox One Experience (NXOE) -- next month. The company has said in a recent announcement that the worldwide rollout of the NXOE will begin on November 12, 2015.

The forthcoming NXOE will be the biggest software update ever for Microsoft’s Xbox One gaming console. The update will completely modify the functioning of the console’s interface, making it backward compatible with nearly 100 games for Xbox 360.

Though it is not yet clear as to which Xbox 360 games will become playable on the Xbox One on the NXOE launch date on November 12, it has been confirmed that the NXOE will make Xbox One backward compatible with digital as well as disc-based copies of Xbox 360 games.

Moreover, the NXOE will bring about a change in all the menus of the Xbox One console; and will unfold a totally new guide system which will make the navigation of the console much easier than ever before.

Overall, the imminent rollout of the NXOE by Microsoft is essentially aimed at making the Xbox One console simpler as well as faster.

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