APRA: Kananaskis rifle-and-shotgun range will be closed at end of 2015

APRA: Kananaskis rifle-and-shotgun range will be closed at end of 2015

According to an announcement made on the Alberta Provincial Rifle Association (APRA) website, a public gun range at Sibbald Flats in Kananaskis Country will be closed at the end of this year.

About the imminent closure of the popular Kananaskis rifle-and-shotgun range in 2015-end, the APRA website said that the decision has been taken after taking into consideration the ongoing concerns about irresponsible behavior of shooters.

APRA – the non-profit group which runs the Kananaskis rifle-and-shotgun range near Hwy. 68 – said that most of the shooters using the gun range are irresponsible, and thus pose a safety risk to other people.

APRA said that the Kananaskis rifle-and-shotgun range was originally perceived as a place for the general public to use for activities like sighting of rifles prior to hunting season, but it has now been overtaken by irresponsible users.

Asserting that irresponsible shooters using the gun grange leave a mess for others to clean up, the APRA website – announcing the year-end closure of the gun range – said: “Responsible use has been largely overshadowed by range users who have taken to using the range as a place to shoot up and dump items they’d rather not take to the landfill.”

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