Robot mistaken for a real person

Robot mistaken for a real person

A robot has been designed in such a way that some people have mistaken it as a real human. It will also be interesting to know that not only the robot has been considered as human, but also considered as sexy who have seen it.

The robot has been named as Actroid F, which is 5ft 6in in height. As said, it is quite lifelike because it can blink eyes like human being. Not only this, it also responds to eye contact and even identifies body language.

It has been developed by famous robot designer Professor Yoshio Matsumoto at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Tokyo.

These days, efforts are being made to make robots more convincing. Researcher Silvera-Tawil wanted to know if it can be differentiated from a real person. Therefore, image of it was released online in 2010. But it is now that viewers are using You Tube and expressing their opinions about it.

Different views have come. One of the viewers has said he wished he has seen these images before he married his ex-wife. Many have termed the doll to be sexy. But there were some who felt fearful and in fact, uncomfortable to find out whether the woman was real or not.

If you think this aspect for once then it could be scary as not being able to determine whether the image is of a real person or not. Such types of robots have been commonly seen in movies like Terminator, Blade Runner, Transformers and Star Trek. But now, they are turning into reality.