Federal judge dismisses class-action lawsuit filed by Apple’s retail workers

Federal judge dismisses class-action lawsuit filed by Apple’s retail workers

On Saturday, the Federal District Court in San Francisco tossed out a class-action lawsuit which retail workers at tech giant Apple had initiated to oppose the company's bag-search practices at its stores in California.

The Saturday verdict in the class-action was handed out by Judge William Alsup. The lawsuit had been filed by Apple's retail employees in an effort to seek reimbursement from the company for the time it takes to carry out a bag search for ensuring that they have not stolen any products from the stores.

The plaintiffs in the bag-search lawsuit included more than 12,000 present and former employees working at the over 50 Apple stores in California.

The court filings which had been made public earlier in the case had revealed that complaints about Apple's bag-search practices had been made directly to CEO Tim Cook, by at least two Apple retail-store employees. In their complaint, the employees had said that the company's policy of checking the bags of retail employees, as a security precaution, was embarrassing as well as demeaning.

However, dismissing the lawsuit on Saturday, Judge Alsup sided with Apple and said: "Rather than prohibiting employees from bringing bags and personal Apple devices into the store altogether, Apple took a milder approach to theft prevention and offered its employees the option to bring bags and personal Apple devices into a store subject to the condition that such items must be searched when they leave the store."

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