UAW Agrees To Extend Contract with General Motors

UAW Agrees To Extend Contract with General Motors

The United Auto Workers (UAW) has agreed to extend its contract with General Motors Co. (GM). UAW has extended its 2011 contract until November 20, according to a Friday letter to UAW-GM local union presidents and chairpersons.

This exceptional move has come a week after the release of voting results and after skilled trade workers rejected the contract.

“We continue to meet with the company and will keep you updated as we work through the process. I realize this has been a long and difficult process, but it is important we address these important issues raised by the skilled trades”, UAW GM Vice President Cindy Estrada wrote in a letter.

The strength of their union is the process and the unity they maintain with their brothers and sisters who work in the trades, said Estrada. She further said that November 20 is the new deadline for ratification of the tentative agreement.

UAW President Dennis Williams said in a statement that based on the reply from the members of skilled trades, he has found that further discussions with the company were very necessary.

The letter and the UAW’s statement did not give any details about discussions with the company or what changes could be made or how.

GM said in a statement on Friday that the company is working with the UAW to address issues raised by skilled trades workers. There are possibilities that the union might be concessions for skilled trades workers.