Microsoft hints at slower than three-times-a-year upgrade tempo for Windows 10

Microsoft hints at slower than three-times-a-year upgrade tempo for Windows 10

Software giant Microsoft has recently hinted that its upgrade tempo for its latest Windows 10 OS -- which was launched by the company in July this year -- will probably be slower than its past ‘three times a year’ upgrade tempo.

Though Microsoft has been consistently citing a three-times-each-year upgrade frequency, a public documentation recently released by the company has revealed that the Windows 10 OS will likely have a ‘two-to-three-times annually’ upgrade release schedule.

The upgrade tempo referred to by Microsoft for Windows 10 OS implies that, on the slowest pace, the tempo would roughly translate to an upgrade after a six-month period; and, on the fastest pace, it would translate to a nearly four-month period.

Hinting that an aggressive ‘three times a year’ upgrade tempo may not be sustained by the company for Windows 10 OS, Microsoft said -- in its newly-revised technical overview of the servicing options for the OS -- that it is adopting “a new model” so far as a annual upgrade frequency is concerned.

Microsoft further added in the public documentation: "Instead of new features being added only in new releases that happen every few years, the goal is to provide new features two to three times per year, continually providing new capabilities while maintaining a high level of hardware and application compatibility."

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