Report: Sega working on 'Valkyria Chronicles' sequel and remaster for PS4

Report: Sega working on 'Valkyria Chronicles' sequel and remaster for PS4

Popular Japanese magazine Famitsu has revealed in its latest issue that Sega is working on a sequel of ‘Valkyria Chronicles’ tactical role-playing game for the PlayStation 4 (PS4) console, as well as a remaster of the original game for the same console.

The original ‘Valkyria Chronicles’ game was first launched by Sega in 2008, for the PS3 console. The game is set in a fantasized version of WWII Europe. The game has seen the release of multiple versions in Japan over the years, along with an anime and two sequels on the PSP console.

Going by the Famitsu report, the sequel of the ‘Valkyria Chronicles’ game will be titled ‘Valkyria: Azure Revolution.’ The sequel will be distinctly different from the original ‘Valkyria Chronicles’ game in terms of the fact that while the original game utilized a turned based combat system, the sequel will utilize “a real-time battle system with added simulation elements.” The sequel will hit PS4 in Japan in winter of 2016.

Meanwhile, so far as the remaster of the original ‘Valkyria Chronicles’ game is concerned, the report has revealed that the remaster is scheduled for launch in Japan in February 2016. However, the launch date of the remaster version for the Western markets has not yet been confirmed by Sega.

According to the details shared by Sega, the forthcoming ‘Valkyria Chronicles’ Remaster will feature “high-resolution graphics,” along with “downloadable content and trophies.” In addition, the remaster will also come with access to a demo for the newly announced console sequel.