Charlie Sheen's Ex says She Had Unprotected Sex with the Actor

Charlie Sheen's Ex says She Had Unprotected Sex with the Actor

In a recent interview, 'Eight Men Out' star Charlie Sheen revealed he is HIV positive and paid millions to keep it a secret. Since the interview, a lot of people expressed what they think about Sheen's confession, and now, the actor's ex Amanda Bruce revealed about her unprotected sex with Sheen.

According to Bruce, she dated the 50-year-old New York born actor for about eight months. She revealed they also had unprotected sex despite being aware of Sheen's HIV-positive status. In an interview given to Dr. Oz, Bruce said she is a nurse and knows the risk of HIV, but she is not so afraid because she was in love with Sheen when they had sex.

Bruce said, "There's a very big scare about HIV out there and I think that's just a lot of social stigma that came from back when there wasn't treatment for this and this was a death sentence." She also claimed that the time has changed and now, not many people die of AIDS.

Bruce also said she and the actor were intimate throughout their relationship, but they didn't have unprotected sex until they made decision to be exclusive. She said unprotected sex with Sheen was not a game of Russian roulette. When you are truly in love with someone, you want to get close to them, Bruce explained.

Bruce said she was with Sheen for many months and he was upfront about his diagnosis from the beginning.