UAW-Ford Contract Finally Passes with Big Gains

UAW-Ford Contract Finally Passes with Big Gains

United Auto Workers (UAW) talks finally wrapped up with Ford workers voted to approve a new agree late Friday. The deal ended with big gains. The process was so uncertain that no one was sure what’s going to happen until the last ballots were counted. The four-year agreement has been approved by 51.4% margin, as per reports.

Friday’s process has shown than sometimes-troublesome UAW talks are finally over. Before this, workers of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles disapproved the first pact before agreeing on a richer second offer. Most workers approved the pact, but there were some experience workers too who opposed it and became the cause of a week-long.

Labor expert Art Wheaton of Cornell University said it is always difficult to have talks in good times. “Everybody had high expectations and they thought this was their chance. But you have to walk away from the contract having some sense of sustainability that you can keep it up in the long term”, Wheaton added.

The contracts gave the opportunity for both workers and UAW. Workers have a way to the end of two-tier wage system. On the other side, automakers had the chance to keep costs of labor competitive with rivals. They were also able to reveal product plans that could result in billions in investment and many jobs in the US.

According to Wheaton, both workers and UAW did a fair job. The three companies compensate in some things, but they also managed to reduce labor costs, Wheaton added.