Fitbit adds two new features to Charge HR and Surge fitness trackers

Fitbit adds two new features to Charge HR and Surge fitness trackers

In an announcement made on Monday, Fitbit said that it has enhanced its Charge HR and Surge fitness-tracking devices by adding two new features --- PurePulse heart rate tracking; and SmartTrack automatic exercise recognition.

Announcing the addition of the two new features to the Fitbit Charge HR and Fitbit Surge devices, Fitbit said that the PurePulse heart rate tracking feature will provide users with uninterrupted, automatic tracking of heart rate trends over time, without the requirement of a chest strap.

Fitbit said that the PurePulse monitoring will get activated whenever the users of Charge HR and Surge use their devices in Exercise Mode.

About the other new feature, Fitbit said that SmartTrack automatic exercise recognition feature will be capable of automatically selecting exercises -- a handful of workouts and exercise types -- for Charge HR and Surge users. The results of the exercises selected automatically by SmartTrack will be recorded to the Fitbit app, so that users remained informed about their overall activity.

About the new SmartTrack automatic exercise recognition feature, Fitbit’s senior product marketing manager Michael Polin said that the new feature not only gives Charge HR and Surge users “more visibility into the amount of exercise they're doing throughout each day and over time,” but also gives them “the motivation and tools they need to reach their health and fitness goals.”