Ford recalls 451,865 Fusions and Mercury Milans to fix faulty fuel-tank valves

Ford recalls 451,865 Fusions and Mercury Milans to fix faulty fuel-tank valves

Bigwig automaker Ford has issued a massive recall, affecting a total of 451,865 vehicles sold in North America. The recall has been issued by Ford to fix a fuel tank problem that can potentially lead to a fire risk.

Announcing the recall, Ford said that the 451,865 vehicles which are being recalled are Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan sedans from model years 2010 and 2011. The vehicles affected by the recall were manufactured at a Ford facility in Hermosillo, Mexico.

About the reason behind the recall, Ford said in a statement issued on Monday that the recall is rooted in a problematic canister “purge valve” in some of the company’s popular mid-size sedans. The company further added that the valve may work improperly, causing a change in the pressure in the fuel tank.

According to Ford’s explanation of the problem, the increase and decrease of pressure in the fuel tank can cause a crack in the top of the tank, leading to leakage of fuel. The leaked fuel poses a potential fire risk if it comes in contact with a flame or a spark.

Ford has asserted that it has thus far received no reports of accidents, injuries or fires because of the defect in the fuel-tank valve of the affected vehicles. Nonetheless, to fix the problem in the recalled vehicles, dealers will update the powertrain control module software, examine the fuel-tank valve, and check the fuel tank for leaks.

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