Debris of Doomed SpaceX Rocket Found Washed Up On Isles of Scilly

Debris of Doomed SpaceX Rocket Found Washed Up On Isles of Scilly

Debris of a SpaceX Falcon-9 rocket that exploded soon after its launch from Cape Canaveral in Florida have been found in on the quaint Isles of Scilly, just off the coast of Cornwall.

As per a report, the unmanned SpaceX rocket exploded in June soon after its launch. The debris of the rocket was found by coastguards between Bryher and Tresco. The wreckage found is a large section of alloy which is about 10m by 4m in dimension. The alloy piece was recovered with the help of local boatmen.

Martin Leslie, coastal area commander for the coastguard, said, “The markings show an American flag. It looks like it's an American rocket and seems most likely to be unmanned SpaceX Falcon-9. We're grateful for those who helped in recovery - it was great example of the community working together”.

The recovered debris of the rocket was secured on the beach at Tresco after being towed into New Grimsby. The owner of SpaceX Elon Musk has been known for his ventures to make affordable space travel a reality, but despite high level of advancement, some of his space flights have been a complete failure.

In April, while the Dragon capsule reached the International Space Station (ISS), its rocket didn’t quite land on the intended ocean platform. Another maiden flight of the Falcon 1 launched on Saturday, 24 March 2006, ended in failure in less than a minute after it was launched due to a fuel line leak.

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