Arnold Schwarzenegger Doesn’t Give A Damn Whether You Favor His Effort to Tackle Climate Change or Not

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks it is high time that an immediate action should be taken to tackle growing threats of climate change and motivate others to act.

In a letter posted on his Facebook page on Monday, Arnold told his followers that he doesn’t care if they believe the climate is changing because he's going to address the issue regardless of anything.

In the world where several experts think climate change is occurring due to human activities and some straightaway say humans are no where responsible for the change, Arnold wrote, “I, personally, want a plan. I don't want to be the last investor in Blockbuster as Netflix emerged. That's exactly what is going to happen to fossil fuels”.

Hundreds of leaders from all over the world have gathered in Paris for climate talks and to try to set some limits and frame some rules to limit emissions and use of fossil fuels. Although the politician and people at local levels appear to be worried about climate change and rising temperature, it seems people in the United States are least concerned about climate change.

Schwarzenegger has spent the past week in Paris with current California Gov. Jerry Brown (D), and both of them have been speaking about ongoing dysfunction that has kept the US from dealing with climate change. Severe drought in California is one live example of the level of harm climate change is causing on earth.

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