Biologist Planning To Eat Dolphins He Found Washed Up On a Beach

Biologist Planning To Eat Dolphins He Found Washed Up On a Beach

A pensioner who has earlier dined on roadkill is now planning to eat two dolphins in his Christmas lunch. The two dolphins washed up on a beach, he said. Mr. Arthur Boyt has spent years dining on dead animals.

Mr. Boyt has dinned on a variety of things including weasels, hedgehogs, squirrels, and otters, and now, the latest on the list will be two dolphins. He scoops up the flattened carcasses before taking them home and turning them into meals or freezing them for later.

Dinning on dolphins can put Mr. Boyt in trouble as experts say all the dolphins found on Britain’s coast belong to the crown.

Mr. Boyt said this will be for the first time on this Christmas when he will be eating dolphin. He further said when he found the dolphin on the beach he collected what meat joints he could and kept them in the freezer for special occasions such as Christmas. It tastes so delicious, he said.

“The great thing about roadkill is that you are getting meat without the guilt of killing an animal or having one killed on your behalf. It's a situation much more in keeping with the spirit of Christmas”, he said.

Mr. Boyt said he will be spending his Christmas with his wife, Su, and his 90-year-old mother-in-law, but said he will not be sharing his dolphin dish with wife as his wife is vegetarian.

There will be a traditional turkey on Christmas day, but he said he does not like to buy and eat meat. He said he feels strong about killing animals and would never buy meat. Mr Boyt said he started to eat roadkill when he was 13 years old and regularly feasts on fox, rabbit, sparrow, deer, and pigeon.