Blackberry to launch its latest android smartphone PRIV in 31 regions in next 3 months

Blackberry to launch its latest android smartphone PRIV in 31 regions in next 3 months

Though experts have been giving mixed reviews about BlackBerry’s newly launched android phone, Blackberry PRIV, the company’s CEO John Chen is quite happy with the sales response so far. Chen has announced that they may launch a second high-end Android smartphone in 2016.

Chen has affirmed that if the first Blackberry smartphone performs better then they will concentrate on the high-end, closer to mid-range phone that can be rolled as early as by 2016. Blackberry PRIV’s selling point is its slide-out keyboard.

Though the keyboard feature has cons to it, overall it is good and useful. Coming to its display, then the phone boasts of quad HD display and 18 megapixel camera that remains good. Though it has battery of 3, 410 mAh, when it comes to heavy use like social networking and music streaming then its average.

Packed with these features has led Blackberry to report a nearly 12% rise in revenue in its latest quarter. In the three months ending November 28, Blackberry has reported global revenue of $548 million, which is up by 11.8% from the earlier quarter.

Blackberry PRIV, which is currently available in four countries, comes with Snapdragon 808 chip and 3GB of RAM. Experts have not linked the photo-quality of the phone, which was reasonably bright, but at the same time colorless and noisy.

The phone has ample of app, ask for Instagram, Flickr or Swarm, it has all. Blackberry has included its custom touches in the latest gadget as well. Another great factor about the phone is the level of support BlackBerry has been giving to PRIV.

In its December update, the phone’s performance was improved including the camera's low-light quality along with numerous app updates. Experts think that this extra level of care comes partly from make-or-break need, but without a doubt it is appreciable. Blackberry is planning to launch the phone in 31 regions in the next three months.