LG to unveil robotic vacuum cleaner with AR technology at CES 2016

LG to unveil robotic vacuum cleaner with AR technology at CES 2016

Bigwig South Korean device maker LG plans to show off its new robotic vacuum cleaner with augmented reality (AR) technology at the CES 2016 event to be held in January.

The robotic vacuum cleaner to be introduced by LG is called HOM-BOT Turbo+. The vacuum cleaner will unfold a novel approach by the manufacturer to show how AR technology can potentially be used in homes.

The main difference between most of the existing robot vacuum cleaners and LG’s upcoming HOM-BOT Turbo+ robotic vacuum cleaner is that while currently-available vacuum cleaners use sophisticated mapping systems, the LG device connects to a companion smartphone app for cleaning-related instructions.

The LG HOM-BOT Turbo+ robot vacuum cleaner will not depend only on lasers or onboard cameras to figure out where to clean. Rather, the device will be able to move to specific areas for extra cleaning when the users – with the help of the companion smartphone app – point their handset’s camera to those areas.

The built-in sensors of the HOM-BOT Turbo+ vacuum cleaner will give the device the capability to determine the places which it has already cleaned. The front camera of the vacuum cleaner will also serve as a security feature, to allow users to view a live feed from the vacuum cleaner on their smartphones, or to receive photos when the vacuum detects movement.