Pivotal acquires European Cloud Foundry consultancy CloudCredo

Pivotal acquires European Cloud Foundry consultancy CloudCredo

In a Monday announcement, Pivotal -- the Palo Alto, California-based creator of the open-source Cloud Foundry app development platform -- revealed that it has acquired London-based Cloud Foundry consultancy CloudCredo.

CloudCredo is the leading European consultancy featuring in the Cloud Foundry channel. In the last three years, CloudCredo has gained a lot of repute in delivering the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) technology to digital businesses keen on speeding up their software turnarounds.

CloudCredo has been bringing Cloud Foundry to market since 2011, when the platform was first announced by Pivotal. Along with being Pivotal’s unfaltering close partner in Cloud Foundry, CloudCredo has also been striking deals to sell distributions from competing vendors who joined the Cloud Foundry Foundation created by Pivotal.

As a result of the acquisition of CloudCredo, Pivotal will gain exclusivity with CloudCredo's customer base; and will be able to give a notable boost to its engagement capabilities, particularly all across Europe.

Against the backdrop of CloudCredo's hands-on expertise with the PaaS technology, Leo Spiegel – Pivotal SVP of strategy and corporate development – said, in reference to Pivotal’s acquisition of CloudCredo: "They're good at operationalizing, installing and managing large Cloud Foundry installations. In many ways, I feel like a distant relative has come home."