Strong and Light-Weight Metal Developed By Researchers

Strong and Light-Weight Metal Developed By Researchers

Researchers infused magnesium with ceramic silicon carbide nanoparticles, and what came out was a super metal. The new formed metal not only has high strength, but is also extremely light in weight. An innovative way to disperse and stabilize nanoparticles in molten metal enabled the researchers to create this metal. The metal was developed in the labs of Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Sciences of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

"It's been proposed that nanoparticles could really enhance the strength of metals without damaging their plasticity, especially light metals like magnesium, but no groups have been able to disperse ceramic nanoparticles in molten metals until now," said Xiaochun Li, the principal investigator on the research and Raytheon Chair in Manufacturing Engineering at UCLA. Li added that the new way developed by the researchers will help in meeting today’s energy and sustainability needs by improving the performance of metals.

The new silicon carbide-infused magnesium has the highest ever strength, with astounding weight-to-durability ratio. The new metal can tolerate extremely high temperatures as well. To resolve of concern of nanoscale particles clustering together, instead of dispersing in the molten metal, the scientists dispersed the particles into a molten magnesium zinc alloy. The super metal thus created is a combination of approximately 14% silicon carbide nanoparticles, with 86% magnesium. Since, magnesium does not fall under the category of a ‘rare resource’, its use can be increased without any threat to the environment.

The NewsWeek notes that, a group of scientists say they have created the Superman of metals, a material so strong and lightweight it could lead to the creation of faster vehicles and revolutionize the airline and automotive industries. Engineers at the University of California, Los Angeles, used a combination of ceramic silicon carbide nanoparticles and magnesium. The new metal boasts a stiffness-to-weight ratio that far surpasses other strong metals that engineers have reliably used for generations. The metal is also capable of absorbing and withstanding high heat without having its integrity altered.

Magnesium is available in large quantities, meaning it would be easy to produce the material without damage to the environment. It is considered a type of load-bearing metal that is already used to make cars, albeit a weaker version.

In other news Financialcv reported, The infusion resulted in the formation of a high-strength super metal which is extremely light in weight. Though it has been proposed that nanoparticles could enhance the strength of metals such as magnesium, without affecting their plasticity, what the UCLA team has achieved is unprecedented. That is because the resultant metal is lighter, stronger, and more heat-resistant than other metals now in use. The researchers were able to create this metal by using an innovative way to disperse and stabilize nanoparticles in molten metal.

In a statement provided to TheMonitorDaily, UCLA brings a new magnesium-carbide nanoparticles metal composite and it’s purely brilliant. The press release accompanying the Nature journal paper hails the new composite metal as super-strong but also lightweight, making it the perfect choice for aircraft construction.

The UCLA team involved in the breakthrough discovery believe that a distinctive mark of the new composite metal is its plasticity compared to its weight. This new composite metal may be just the first of many such landmark discoveries to come. Mainly because the technique may be replicated with other materials that could revolutionize industries altogether. Metals could soon be infused with nanoparticles which do not affect their integrity, rather enrich it.

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