Google-owned Robotics firm Boston Dynamics’ creepy video leaves holiday revelers aghast

Google-owned Robotics firm Boston Dynamics’ creepy video leaves holiday revelers aghast

Amid the Christmas and New Year holiday season, Google-owned engineering firm Boston Dynamics, a robotics company, has done something unpleasant. A video posted by the company on the internet with good intentions has left holiday revelers somewhat distasted. In the video, a headless mechanical robotic reindeer is shown pulling a sleigh while a female Santa aboard wishes viewers “Happy Holidays". But the headless reindeer only succeeded in creeping the video out of the Internet.

Though the engineering firm had good intentions while preparing the video, the result was otherwise.

The video invited a series of tweets. “Remember when you asked, ‘Why doesn’t someone creep me out with headless robotic reindeer?’ Boston Dynamics heard you:” posted Richard Gaskin. "Happy creepy robot reindeer holidays", tweeted user AD.

Founded in 1992, Boston Dynamics shot to limelight in 2005 with their BigDog style bot designed for DARPA. The company, bought by Google X in December of 2013, has created its own version of robot reindeer. Apart from reindeer, the company also develops “cheetahs”, which have come to be known as the fastest-legged robots, robot dogs and sand fleas.

In other news CBC News reported, Magic can only take you so far in the 21st century, even Santa knows that – which is why Boston Dynamics has been pushing for the future of sleigh technology. A future that includes robo-reindeer. Owned by Google's parent company Alphabet, Boston Dynamics is a robotics company known for building well-balanced four-legged robots. The firm's mechanical creatures have been a hit online thanks to videos showing off their bot-beasts' capabilities.

It’s nice to get a festive message from big companies sometimes. It shows they have a heart and enjoy this time of year just as much as the rest of us. Then there is the Christmas message sent out by Google-owned robotics firm Boston Dynamics, which verges on the downright sinister. In case you’re interested, it’s the firm’s LS3 robots, three of them, dressed up as reindeer. But while the sentiment is there, the whole thing looks like a cyborg nightmare from the future, reports BT.

In a statement provided to DailyMail News, Father Christmas looks to be giving Rudolph and his reindeer pals a night off this year after upgrading his sleigh.American engineering firm Boston Dynamics has created a group of robot reindeer that are capable of dragging Santa's sled, as revealed in its Christmas message. The firm, which develops technology for the US military, posted the festive video on YouTube, featuring a female member of staff dressed as Mrs Claus driving the automated animals.

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