McDonald’s Experiments with Menu

McDonald’s Experiments with Menu

The famous fast food restaurant, McDonald’s, seems to experimenting with its menu by including macaroni and cheese option. However, the mac and cheese is only available in 18 restaurants of the Cleveland area in Ohio. These outlets are acting as a test market for the new entry in the menu.

Mcdonald’s has been offering mac and cheese since this summer. “We’re always looking for new ways to offer relevant tastes to our customers, so we’re giving mac and cheese a try and gathering valuable feedback from our customers,” said Lisa McComb, a McDonald’s spokeswoman. Mac and cheese is considered as a tries and tested food combination.

The novelty food item is being sold a part of Happy Meal, which is worth $3. The meal includes mac and cheese, along with fries, fruit and milk. The company reported that the four-ounce portion contains five grams of protein and whole grain each, while offering less than 200 calories. The mac and cheese is now being sold as a separate item for $1.75 from November 2015. Lisa said that the product will be sold only until February 2016. Its availability after that is uncertain.

She added that the customers’ reviews will be used to determine the continuity of the product. It is still very early to say anything about the outcome of the experiment and the company is not sure whether it will be offered at any other outlets, Lisa stated. Among other experiments, the company started selling all-day breakfast in October 2015. In the U.K., McDonald’s is offering customized thicker, premium burger.

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