ARCA Space Corporation announces Vaporware Hoverboard for $19,900

ARCA Space Corporation announces Vaporware Hoverboard for $19,900

ARCA Space Corporation has announced a hoverboard that can run for six-minutes and can support up to 80 kg weight. The hoverboard has been priced at $19,900 by the company and will be available by April 2016.

For adventure lovers, hoverboards are fun and have been in demand in the recent months and many brands sell them on online platforms. However, those aren’t real hoverboards, they are two-wheeled self-balancing scooters.

ARCA Space Corporation has also posted a video on YouTube showcasing the abilities of the hoverboard. 36 electric fans generate 430 pounds of downward thrust. With 80Kg load, it can run for six minutes. However, for lifting 110 kg weight, the hoverboard will run for three minutes only.

A Gizmodo report said, “Riding the ArcaBoard looks even trickier than mastering those two-wheeled imposters that are all the rage now, but that’s not stopping from Arca Space from letting anyone pre-order its hoverboard for $19,900 with a promised delivery of April of next year. Expect that to come with a safety waiver or ten you’ll need to sign before delivery.”

The hoverboard comes in two variants- an Enhanced Thrust model that supports a rider weight up to 110 kg for around three minutes and a Long Endurance model, which can support a rider with weight up to 80kgs for up to six minutes.

In order to navigate this ‘revolutionary breakthrough transportation’ at the top speed 20km/ h, there is a need of a smartphone so that stabilization system can be enabled. When the stabilizer is off, the board is controlled by shifts in rider’s center of gravity.

The board weighs around 80kg. The ArcaBoard has registered a win at the time when its rival makers have failed as it is able to ride all types of terrains. The finished product is 57 inches long, 30 inches wide and six inches thick.

The hoverboard has 36 onboard high-velocity motors, each spanning at 45,000 rotations per minute. ARCA Space Corporation CEO Dumitru Popescu said, “For its size, the ArcaBoard is probably the most powerful personal vehicle ever created in history. We wanted to make it as small, light and thin as possible”.

The next generation of the ArcaBoard will likely to get smaller, as battery technology will improve and also become more cost effective. It takes around 35 minutes for the hoverboard to get charged. Next generation batteries could increase hover time to around 30 minutes.

For now, ArcaBoard is being launched as a recreational vehicle, but it is considered that it may other applications as well in the future. The height of the hoverboard has been maintained at one foot above ground by onboard sensors. The technology used in the board has limitless options. It is expected that the company will reveal some of them at the end of January.

In other news RT reported, With Arca Space’s hoverboard prototype the world has finally came closer to inventing a somewhat flying "board" capable of lifting a person above any type of ground and transporting them over "distances."

A report published in Engadget informed, “ARCA Space Corporation used to be a non-governmental organization based in Romania, established in 1999 to develop rockets and other aerospace technology. Moving to Las Cruces, New Mexico last year, it adopted the name ARCA Space Corporation. The company's currently developing rocket systems and serious, commercial drones (that seem to be behind schedule), but its history is a bit mysterious for our liking. In more than 15 years, it's performed numerous tests of aerospace technology, but we can't see that the outfit has ever really done, made or sold anything.”