Soon to Welcome the Weight Loss Diet Based on Person’s Genome

Soon to Welcome the Weight Loss Diet Based on Person’s Genome

Good news! for those who have been tired of trying every measure to reduce their obesity and remain healthy and fine. The new study published in the Journal Obesity shows that person’s obesity is dependent on genes of a person. So, researchers from the University of Texas have suggested a report that overweight people will soon be provided with weight-loss diet based on their genes. Just a matter of five years, and you will be presented with a master diet, based on individual patient’s genes, which will help you keep the pounds off permanently. As per the statistical report released, about 33% of Americans are suffering with obesity, one of the gravest problems of our times.

Americans are losing fight against obesity and so there is vital need for them to have genome-specific diet that could help reduce obesity of person by 2020. Molly Bray, a geneticist and professor of nutritional sciences at the University of Texas at Austin, said it is expected that people start using combination of genetic, behavioral and other sophisticated data to develop individualized weight-management plans in coming future. But, researchers added that in order to make the ‘precision weight loss’ program a reality, there is need to have better analytical tools to establish the relationship between genetics, behavior and weight-related diseases.

Bray said that the lowering costs of genome sequencing and portable monitors give scientists the ability to collect the data they need to do the fundamental research behind precision weight loss. They have discovered a gene which they dubbed as ‘obesity gene’ responsible for turning energy from food to be stored in the form of fat rather than burned. “So that highlights that there are going to be several genes involved with obesity, and they're going to interact with each other in complicated ways. And that's certainly true of weight loss and maintenance too”. The main point to note is that people should not make their mind that alone genome-specific diet can help them lose weight; instead exercise is must to overcome obesity.

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