Google reportedly working on new AI-powered messaging service

Google reportedly working on new AI-powered messaging service

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has revealed in a recent report that tech giant Google is apparently planning to launch a new online messaging service powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

According to the details revealed by WSJ’s unidentified sources, Google has reportedly been working on the service for the past one year. The team involved in the developing the messaging service is headed by Google’s Nick Fox.

The online messaging service which Google is reportedly developing will be quite similar to the WhatsApp and WeChat instant-messaging services. Google has, as per the WSJ report, not yet finalized the name or launch date of the messaging service.

For its new AI-powered messaging service, Google will apparently be taking a different approach as compared to existing messaging services. Google’s service will give users the ability to send texts or ‘chatbots’ to friends. The use of chatbot technology will – just like Google Search - enable users to search the Web and other sources for information to seek responses to a question.

As such, going by the WSJ report, the new messaging service which Google plans to launch will essentially make use of AI capabilities to provide users with answers to search queries.