Sony to help Stoic launch PS Vita version of ‘The Banner Saga’

Sony to help Stoic launch PS Vita version of ‘The Banner Saga’

In a recent announcement, Sony has revealed that it will help game developer Stoic in bringing its ‘The Banner Saga’ tactical fantasy indie game to the PlayStation Vita handheld gaming console. The Banner Saga was launched by Stoic two nearly two years back on Windows, OS X, iOS, and Android platforms.

The announcement by Sony comes close on the heels of an earlier-this-month announcement – via a message posted on Stoic’s forums – by Stoic that the PS Vita version of ‘The Banner Saga’ had been delayed indefinitely.

Sony has stepped in to help Stoic launch the PS Vita version of the ‘The Banner Sags’ game because, as per an International Business Times report, the developers had apparently shelved its plans for the Vita version – which it has previously planned to launch in July 2015 - because of financial issues.

To enable Stoic to rollout the PS Vita version of ‘The Banner Saga,’ Sony has worked out a partnership with software developer Versus Evil, to deliver a Vita port of the game. Stoic is already porting the game to the PS4 and Xbox One consoles as well.

As a result of the partnership between Sony and Versus Evil, game developer Stoic will be offered help by the two companies to bear the costs of porting the game to PS Vita. Both Sony and Versus Evil will also have a share in the game’s profits when it is finally launched on the Vita.