Samsung’s VR Headsets Could Offer Tough Competition in VR Segment

Samsung’s VR Headsets Could Offer Tough Competition in VR Segment

A long list of companies nowadays is busy developing virtual reality (VR) headsets, and the recent one to join the queue is Samsung. The company’s new headsets are attracting huge public after it released of a sample video showing basketball star LeBron James.

Samsung, for the launch of its VR headsets, has joined hand with the basketball sensation LeBron James, Oculus Rift and Uninterrupted. They have jointly launched a video like those previously launched by other competing VR developers.

The video, called ‘Striving for Greatness’, is not really virtual reality, as you cannot move around it. However, it is a 360 degree video that allows its viewers to watch the video from multiple angles.

The video is quite influential and whether or not you are a LeBron fan, you will surely like the part shown in the latest 360 degree video of his.

The 12-minute video features some of the Olympic medalist’s training sessions. As well as a number of interviews that used to be available before. The combination of this entire makes it a more detailed video on LeBron’s journey to the greatness. Presently, the video is available only for Samsung Gear VR, and will most probably be available for Oculus by next year.

One an even download the video from the Oculus store or via the Samsung Milk VR app. Trailer of the video is also available on YouTube.

Theverge reported that, LeBron James' Christmas gift to fans this year is an unorthodox marriage of sports, film, and technology. The basketball juggernaut released a 12-minute virtual reality film in partnership with Facebook-owned Oculus VR today that takes viewers through his intense training regimen and offers an inside look into his daily life. Some of the film's contents have been featured before on Facebook as 360-degree videos, but this film marks a more substantial collaboration between James and Oculus, which funded the project.

It's worth noting that it's not exactly virtual reality as we would typically describe it. There is no virtual world, and you can't move around. Rather, James and Montreal-based Felix and Paul Studios, which have a contract with Oculus to produce VR content, have filmed a series of 360-degree video clips that you can look around within using only Samsung's Gear VR headset.

CNET report said, LeBron James's personal reality is that he's the best basketball player in the world. However, after a crushing defeat in last season's NBA finals, some might say that his reality is a touch virtual. (Disclosure: This is written by a Golden State Warriors fan.)

Christmas Day saw his Cleveland Cavaliers again being defeated by the Warriors. It also saw the release of a Samsung ad in which James lets you into his virtual reality.
According to the pcmag, If you're a big basketball fan, you either care a decent deal about Lebron James or you hate him completely, as his considerable talents have probably helped bring a big ol' "L" to your team on more than one occasion.

Nevertheless, you do have to appreciate the fact that James works pretty hard to maintain his physique and skills. While the same could be said about plenty of basketball superstars, there's only one superstar right now who has a 12-minute "virtual reality" video that you can watch him in—and that's James.