Verizon Offering $650 Per Line and 2GB Free Data For Life to Switch Carriers

Verizon Offering $650 Per Line and 2GB Free Data For Life to Switch Carriers

On the eve of Christmas season and with the welcoming of the New Year, Verizon wireless is offering spectacular deals to its customers, which could be the beginning of a new battle between the wireless carriers. Are you planning to switch your service line to Verizon? If yes, then it is right time for you to make a switch now as Verizon is offering up to $650 to AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint customers to switch teams and join its network. That is a impressive chunk of change and available for each line you convert. A family who transfers four lines to Verizon from one of these services could be eligible to receive up to $2,600.

Another great thing to note is that the company is also offering up an additional 2GB of data per month, for life, for free if you switch. The condition which has been set forward by Verizon on joining the company is that users will have to stick with Verizon for at least six months and trade in their old phone for a new one. As per the Verizon, phones traded in need to be in ‘good working condition’. As per the statement by the company, customers joining the company will get $650 on a prepaid card for the installment plan balance less the device trade-in value. Verizon alone is not the company which is offering such facilities to its customers instead other companies like AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint are also in the queue offering latest schemes to their customers. Last month, T-Mobile offered new customers free Hulu subscriptions, while Sprint planned on cutting data plans in half. But $650 is a new league of carrier-switching bribery which is great if you've already been thinking about leaving your current phone company.

Schemes from other companies like T-Mobile and Sprint seem to pale in front of the latest offer set forward by Verizon, which takes the battle of wireless carriers to a whole new level. Verizon and AT&T hold the number 1 and 2 position among the list of the biggest wireless carriers in the U.S. About 87% of the T-Mobile customers and 86% of the Sprint customers who switched back to Verizon within six months after leaving Verizon complained that they faced quality and performance issue on leaving Verizon.

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