Apple’s device comprised 49.1% of new device activations in Dec 19-25 week

Apple’s device comprised 49.1% of new device activations in Dec 19-25 week

According to the statistics published by Yahoo-owned mobile analytics firm Flurry on Monday, Apple iPhone and iPad together accounted for more than 49 percent of all new device activations in the week of December 19 to December 25.

Going by the figures collected by Flurry for the week leading up to Christmas, nearly 49.1 percent of all new devices activated during the mentioned week were Apple devices. The figures indicate that Apple dominated new mobile device activations in the mentioned week.

However, in comparison to the 2014 figures for the same week, Apple’s performance witnessed a plunge of 2.2 percentage points this year. Last year, the iPhone and iPad together comprised nearly 51.3 percent of all new device activations for the week before Christmas.

The latest Flurry statistics also show that the second-ranking mobile-device vendor in terms of new device activations for the December 19-25 week was Samsung. The South Korean company accounted for nearly 19.8 percent of all new device activations this year; thereby witnessing an increase of 2.1 percent as compared to last year.

The third-ranking company was Nokia, which accounted for 2 percent device activations in the December 19-25 week; followed by LG and Xiaomi in the fourth and fifth place, with 1.7 percent and 1.5 percent share of new device activations respectively.

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