California Chrome co-owner Perry Martin will return to receive Derby trophy

California Chrome co-owner Perry Martin will return to receive Derby trophy

Racehorse California Chrome's co-owner Perry Martin said on Tuesday that he would return next week to receive the engraved Derby trophy, though he was upset about the sort of treatment that his group received during the Derby.

Martin's mother was watching horse race at the Derby from along the rail in a wheelchair, but hundreds of people standing in front of her prevented her from enjoying the race.

He recalled that he was yelling at the people who were standing in front of her mother, preventing her from seeing the race. Soon, security guards came and he yelled at them too. Then, his mother told him to calm down.

He then had a 45-minute conversation with Churchill Downs Inc. President & Chief Operating Officer Bill Carstanjen about his issues with the Derby. Later he claimed that they managed to settle all issues.

Speaking on the topic, he said, "It was really just a bunch of little stuff. There was just one issue with my mom. I wanted her to be able to see the race. I really don't have any problems. We worked everything out."

Steve Coburn, who co-owns racehorse California Chrome with Martin, had earlier said that his partner deliberately missed the Preakness Stakes in May because he was upset about how he and her mother treated during the Derby.

Meanwhile, California Chrome is preparing to become the first Triple Crown winner in thirty-six years if it wins the Belmont race next Saturday.

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