California Chrome faces challenging task

California Chrome faces challenging task

While many people are optimistic that renowned racehorse California Chrome will be able to win Triple Crown title by winning the upcoming Belmont race, we should keep it in mind that many of the previous Derby and Preakness winners failed to win the 1½-mile Belmont Stakes.

Three of the most notable failed bids were made by Alysheba, Real Quiet and Smarty Jones. After winning Derby and Preakness races, Alysheba lost Belmont in 1987; while Real Quiet and Smarty Jones failed to grab the American Triple Crown in 1999 and 2004, respectively.

Any horse that aims to win Triple Crown title has to win all the three difficult races at three diverse distances on three dissimilar racing surfaces in three different states.

As all the three races takes place during a compressed five-week period, any horse that wins the Triple Crown title definitely deserves to be considered among the greatest horses in racing history of the country.

But, that doesn’t mean that California Chrome would fail to win the three-race series. Nevertheless, it is definite that it needs a very high level of talent for any horse sweep all the three classics.

If California Chrome manages to win the 2014 American Triple Crown, it will automatically win the Horse of the Year and become a bona fide first-ballot Hall of Fame member when it becomes eligible.

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