Feud between CPUC and Car app firms over airport rides all set to escalate

Feud between CPUC &car app firms over airport rides all set to escalate

The feud between the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and car app companies is all set to escalate as the Commission has asked car app companies like Uber, Lyft and Sidecar to stop taking passengers to and from any airport in the state.

The Commission gave just two weeks to the companies to comply, and warned that drivers who would be spotted picking up or dropping off travelers at an airport in the state could lose permits.

Earlier in September last year, California regulators forbid car app companies' airport operations, saying companies should not carry out any operations at any airport unless the airport authority involved has authorized such operations.

Citing three Transportation Network Company (TNC) drivers, airport director John Martin in May accused the companies of operating illegitimately on airport property.

Martin said in a statement, "In the past few weeks the SFPD Airport Bureau has cited three TNC (Transportation Network Company) drivers for no proof of insurance, two for improper display of license plate, three for no registration, and two for no driver's license."

Car app companies on the other hand complain that airports across the state already have stern structures which regulate how taxis for hire pick up passengers at airports. A spokesperson for Sidecar claimed that the company had always told drivers not to take airport fares and reminded drivers about that again on Thursday.

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