Kickstarter publishes new rules; automates approval process

Kickstarter publishes new rules; automates approval process

In an announcement made via a blog post released on Tuesday, crowdfunding site Kickstarter revealed that it has drastically overhauled the crowdfunding platform by releasing a new set of rules, and by automating the approval process.

The significant changes made by Kickstarter essentially include a simplification of rules for launching Kickstarter campaigns. The new rules published by Kickstarter lift certain earlier prohibitions, such as item prohibitions like the ones on beauty products, as well as restrictions of other products like multiple orders for a single hardware project.

The new rules released by Kickstarter also do away with the language related to prohibition of funding for ongoing business expenses. However, Kickstarter still requires the projects to have some kind of deliverable products and also have a point at which they are finished.

The drastic overhaul of rules by Kickstarter basically means that there are now three main rules which will govern crowdfunding campaigns on the site. These three rules are: projects must create something which can eventually be shared with others; presentations by project managers should be honest and clear; and charity and investments will still be prohibited.

Noting that "the health and integrity of the (Kickstarter) system are our biggest priorities," Kickstarter co-founder and CEO Yancey Strickler said in a blog post: "These streamlined rules still expect the same things from projects that we did on day one: make something to share with others, and be honest with the people around you."