Los Angeles: Man arrested on suspicion of murdering brother

Los Angeles: Man arrested on suspicion of murdering brother

A California man has been arrested on suspicion of killing his own brother during a family birthday celebration held on last Saturday.

Louis Hill, 40, was arrested on Sunday after being questioned by investigators. He allegedly fatally shot his 48-year-old brother Derrick Hill shortly before 9 p. m. on the 800 block of E. 78th Street, Nolte, Los Angeles, on Saturday.

Louis's mother, Doris Hill, said her family was busy in celebrating her granddaughter's ninth birth anniversary with ice cream and cake, when he ran in and complained that he had been jumped on the corner.

Derrick rushed out to see what happened and the family soon heard voice of gunfire. But, Doris didn't believe that her younger son killed her elder son. She said Derrick was killed by someone else. She even went into the police station to talk to officers.

Defending her son, Doris said, "He was a nice person, he was a people person, he was a mama's boy."

She added that Derrick lived with her at the address and had acquaintance with everyone in the area, which was why he went out to check on things. However, neighbors told investigators that they saw it was her son Louis who fired a shot at Derrick.

Los Angeles police Lt. Jeff Nolte said investigators did not find anything indicating the involvement of a gang-related activity in the incident. Police did not reveal details of the case due to the pending investigation.

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