Yuba City residents & businesses go crazy for California Chrome

Yuba City residents & businesses go crazy for California Chrome

Fans of California Chrome, particularly in Yuba City, are enthusiastically showing their support for the racehorse, which is all set to vie for Triple Crown trophy.

The excitement can be noticed everywhere, but fans in Yuba City are more excited than anybody else as they believe that the race could make the town a part of the history.

The co-owners of California Chrome reside in Yuba City. The residents as well as businesses are getting Chrome fever. Both residents and businesses are openly showing their support for California Chrome.

Cashalyn Gilliss, who decorated the front of her Crosspoint book shop with purple & green ribbons - the colors of Chrome, said she wanted to support the "local boy."

Happy Viking Sports Pub has teamed up with the city to install two large LCD screens to let fans watch the Saturday's sporting event outdoors. The screens are expected to draw up to 25,000 people.

Joe Federico of Happy Viking said, "We're putting in tent-covered areas and we're doing some misters and things like that so it's a little bit easier on people that want to watch it."

Yuba City Mayor Kash Gill said that California Chrome would remain a winner for the city, irrespective of the result of the Saturday's race.

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