Michigan facing major issues due to Climate Change

Today, almost every part of the world is facing effects of climate change. Rise in sea levels, loss of sea ice, droughts and intense heat waves are some of the observable consequences of global climate change. Like other places, Michigan is also a victim of changing climate. Warmer temperatures... read more

Ford will be first automaker to test its self-driving vehicle at Mcity campus

In a recent statement, the University of Michigan (U-M)’s Mobility Transformation Center has revealed that bigwig automaker Ford will be the first automaker to test its self-driving vehicle at the Mcity campus.

The Mcity campus is a 32-acre simulated urban and suburban automated and... read more

Unanticipated discovery of ice-age bones of Mammoth

An unanticipated discovery of the ice-age bones of a mammoth that was likely slaughtered by ancient humans was found in wheat field last week by two Michigan farmers. It was found that the bones were of an adult male mammoth that had a doomed end.

Daniel Fisher, a University of Michigan... read more

Woolly Mammoth Bones found in Michigan field

While digging in a southern Michigan soybean field, James Bristle and a friend discovered what seemed like a bent fence post, covered with mud. Soon they found that it belonged to a pelvis from an ancient woolly mammoth that used to live up to 15,000 years ago.

This week, a group of... read more

Farmer discovers woolly mammoth’s remains in Michigan field

Farmer James Bristle and one of his friends were digging in a soybean field in southern Michigan earlier this week when they stumbled on the remains of a woolly mammoth that roamed the area thousands of years ago.

Bristle told reporters that when they first unearthed the nearly 15,000... read more

Michigan focuses on prevention of tobacco use by raising cigarette tax

According to a report by the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, Michigan failed to reduce the sufferings of the people who regularly use tobacco and tobacco products. It further added that measures should be taken by conducting various cessation programs and creating awareness... read more

Waukesha's request to Use Lake Michigan water likely to get Approval

A west suburb of Milwaukee requested to use Lake Michigan water. The request is moving forward after the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources carried out a five-year review on the request.

The officials said that the city of Waukesha's request can get green signal under an interstate... read more

Cavity Shaving Helps Reduce Chances of Breast Cancer Relapse

In a revolutionary study, scientists have concluded that by slicing off a little extra tissue during breast cancer surgery, the risk of having some cancerous cells left behind is lowered, as also the need for a second operation.

Doctors link breast cancer to the dense breast tissue mainly... read more

New Urine-based Test improves Prostate Cancer Detection

The University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center has developed a new test that has improved prostate cancer detection. The urine-based test known as Mi-Prostate Score, or MiPS, was able to detect more aggressive forms of prostate cancer.

In fact, it was found to be better than... read more

Chevrolet Camaro to be unveiled today

An all new, sixth generation Chevrolet Camaro will be unveiled at Detroit's Belle Isle Saturday. General Motors reveals the latest version of the car in the afternoon.

Those of you would not get a chance need to feel sad, as you can still see the action on MLive on social media with the... read more

In a rather extraordinary report from Grand Rapids, a Michigan couple, who were already parents to 12 boys, welcomed boy No. 13!

Jay Schwandt and Kateri Schwandt, residents of Rockford, north of Grand Rapids, welcomed their 13th baby boy on Wednesday, May 13, as reported by Associated... read more

Proposal to Raise Sales Tax to pay for Fixing Michigan’s Roads and Bridges Rejected

A proposal was made to increase Michigan's sales tax to pay for the repairing of the state's roads and bridges. On Tuesday, the state's voters rejected the proposal.

The proposal was 80% opposed and was 20% in favor. Surveys were carried out before the final vote was conducted and it also... read more


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