On average, 5% to 20% of population in Arizona gets flu every year

As peak flu season has arrived in Tri-state, local medical officials have urged people to get their flu shots. Valley View Medical Center spokeswoman, Monique Murphy-Mijares, has recommended all to ‘Get vaccinated’.

Murphy-Mijares added that this was the best accessible kind of protection... read more

Abengoa-Starwood JV selected for Arizona-California power line project

California's grid operator has selected subsidiaries of Abengoa and Starwood Energy Group Global to build a 115-mile electric power line between Arizona and the Golden State.

The California Independent System Operator selected the power line builders through a solicitation process. The... read more

Mexican Jays are as Intelligent as Humans when it Comes to Food, finds Study

In a new study, published in the Journal of Ornithology, an international team of researchers from Poland and Korea found that some birds have the ability to choose the best quality nuts without even opening their shells.

The interesting study was carried out in Arizona, wherein... read more

Frozen Arctic soil could release greenhouse gases

It has been found that the frozen Arctic soil known as ‘permafrost’ will release greenhouse gases at a slower rate compared to what was earlier estimated by researchers. And this is increasing concerns related to emissions of greenhouse gases.

Researchers say that if the emission of gases... read more

Vandal attack on CenturyLink cable in Arizona exposes lack of backup systems

The last-month attack by vandals on CenturyLink's fiber-optic cable in the Arizona desert has exposed the evident lack of backup systems, which incidentally is a glaring vulnerability in the Internet infrastructure in the US.

As a result of the attack by vandals, broadband provider... read more

Phoenix Children's Hospital Last Month Performed Heart Transplant of Youngest Recipient

Five-week-old Oliver became one of the youngest heart transplant recipients at Phoenix Children's Hospital last month, said doctors. Caylyn Otto, Oliver's mother, said they never imagined that their baby will be able to survive after birth. But now as doctors have said the baby is doing well,... read more

Officials Trying to Get Hold of Bear Spotted at East Valley Field

Officials at Maricopa County, Arizona, said that a bear was spotted running through the East Valley field, near the Signal Butte and Pecos roads on Monday morning.

According to Joaquin Enriquez with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, the bear was spotted by a resident and he... read more

Lone Gray Wolf Spotted in Grand Canyon

This month, a lone gray wolf was reportedly spotted many times wandering through the Grand Canyon. Since the species was removed from the state in the 1940s, it may be first time that a gray wolf roamed Arizona.

Federal agencies are trying to find out that whether this is a wolf, or a... read more

Gay marriage legal in Arizona

It will be celebration time for the LGBT community in Arizona as Friday saw the state Legislature passing a bill to legalize Gay marriage. Soon after Attorney General Tom Horne stated that the state was giving up its fight, there were a number of same-sex couples lined up to get immediately... read more

1,300 years old village discovered inside Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona

A team of 10 archaeologists has uncovered an ancient village inside the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona. The research team believes that this village dates back some 1,300 years.

Archaeologists had actually gone there for surveying the Petrified Forest but they eventually ended... read more