Toyota’s Net Profit Increases 19.2%

Toyota's global net income increased 19.2% to $19.8 billion in its fiscal year. The Japanese automaker said that it is expecting great profits another year.

In North America, the company witnessed string sales and it even performed better in Europe. However, then also Toyota's global... read more

Honda’s Q4 Profit drops due to recall costs

Japan's third-largest automaker Honda, reported a drop in its net profit for the fiscal fourth quarter.

According to Honda, recall costs and a decline in auto sales in Japan dragged profits down. Quality problems delayed vehicle development and hampered sales.

The air bag recalls... read more

Japan aims to land unmanned rover on Moon by 2018

Japan's space agency has disclosed a plan to land an unmanned rover the Moon, Earth's natural satellite, by the year of 2018.

In the plan disclosed to an expert panel consisting members of the cabinet and the Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology Ministry, the Japan... read more

NHTSA imposes record $70-million penalty on Honda

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has imposed a record $70-million penalty – a total of two penalties of $35 million each – on bigwig Japanese automaker Honda Motor Co.

Announcing the fine imposed on Honda, the NHTSA said that the automaker has been penalized... read more

Anti-whaling group criticizes Japan’s non-lethal whale research program in Antarctic

Japanese whalers will set out for Antarctic this week as Institute of Cetacean Research (ICR) plans to conduct non-lethal research on whales until March 28.

Since research does not involve catching whales, harpoons have been removed from the vessels. The decision not to hunt whales was... read more

Giant Bluefin tuna fetches winning bid of 4.51 million yen

A giant single bluefin tuna was sold for more than $37,000 (4.5 million yen) in at the first auction of the year at a Tokyo's famous fish market on Monday.

Mr. Kiyoshi Kimura, President of Japanese sushi restaurant chain, won the bidding and became top bidder for the fourth year in a row... read more

Apple to launch ‘Lucky Bag’ promotion in Japan on January 2

According to a PC Magazine report, technology major Apple will launch its 'Lucky Bag' promotion in Japan on January 2, 2015. 'Lucky Bag' or 'Mystery Bag' is part of a Japanese tradition called 'Fukubukuro', which means 'a bag full of goodies.' Apple first launched its 'Lucky Bag' promotion in... read more

Sony crowdfunding its Qrio Smart Lock project on Makuake

Japanese electronics major Sony has turned to crowdfunding website Makuake to seek funds for its new project --- the Qrio Smart Lock project.

Though it is an unusual move by a company of Sony's stature to look for crowdfunding for its project, a Wall Street Journal report has revealed... read more

Honda expanding its air-bag recalls

According to a new Nikkei report, bigwig Japanese automaker Honda Motor Co. will "cooperate" with parts supplier Takata Corp. - which is also based in Japan - as it deals with massive air-bag recalls.

The Nikkei report has revealed that Honda is planning a global expansion of its recall... read more

Takata plans to resolve all Mexico air-bag plant issues by next month

Japan-based air-bag manufacturer Takata Corp. has efforts underway to resolve all the issues concerning its Mexico air-bag factory - which manufactures parts required for repairing vehicles - by next month.

Takata is at the center of a massive air-bag recall crisis resulting from... read more

Japan’s safety regulator moves into action to restrain Takata air bag crisis

With vehicle recalls related to potentially defective air bags - manufactured by Japanese parts supplier Takata - on the rise, Japan's Transport Ministry, which is also the country's auto safety regulator, has scrambled into action to restrain the air bag crisis.

Since the increasing... read more

WSJ: Sony developing e-ink smartwatch under FES Watch project

Against the backdrop of last-week reports that Japanese device maker Sony is probably planning to launch its own e-ink smartwatch, it has now been revealed by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) in a recent report that the Sony wearable device is the FES Watch.

According to the WSJ report, the... read more