Honda motorcycle division has put together milestone 300-millionth motorcycle

Honda has revealed in a recent announcement that it has achieved a new production milestone in motorcycles --- the motorcycle division of the company has put together the 300-millionth motorcycle to be rolled off its production line.

According to the announcement made by Honda, the '300... read more

Toyota’s hydrogen-powered Mirai Sedan to be launched in Japan in December; elsewhere in 2015

In a highly noteworthy last-week announcement, bigwig Japanese automaker Toyota said that it is set to launch the world's first mass fuel-cell vehicle - the Mirai Sedan - in its domestic market in December. The launch of the vehicle in the US and European markets is expected in 2015.

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Sony preparing beta period for its Vue cloud-based TV service

Japanese device manufacturer Sony is reportedly preparing a beta period for its cloud-based TV service, Vue. The preparation of beta period for Vue essentially underscores Sony's efforts to push TV into the next stage of evolution.

According to Sony, the cloud-based Vue TV service - which... read more

Hiroki Totoki to take over as president and CEO of Sony Mobile Communications from Nov. 16

In a Thursday announcement, Japanese device maker Sony revealed that its smartphone business - Sony Mobile Communications - will soon be headed by Hiroki Totoki; thanks to a switch of high-level executives by the company.

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SoftBank plans to buy DreamWorks Animation

It has been reported that SoftBank is planning to buy DreamWorks Animation. Finalization of this deal would help the Japanese group get control over Hollywood's largest independent animation studio.

SoftBank, the Japanese telecommunication and Internet giant, has offered $32 per share to... read more

Japanese Economy may witness Shallow Recovery in Third Quarter

Japan released the latest economic data marking the 26th consecutive trade deficit on Thursday. The data showed that the exports declined in August, as the shipments to the United States narrowed.

The data has raised concerns that due to lower exports, the economy may have a shallow... read more

Japanese Eel Classified as Endangered

Lately, the International Union for Conservation (IUCN) announced of including the Japanese eel into the red list of endangered species.

As per the IUCN, loss of habitat, overfishing, pollution, change in oceanic currents and barriers to migrations are major reasons for putting the... read more