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Anyone below 18 years shouldn’t play football because of risks of long-term brain injury, Dr. Bennet Omalu argues

Dr. Bennet Omalu argued in a recent New York Times editorial that anybody below 18 years shouldn’t play football because of long-term brain injury risk. Forensic pathologist Omalu was the one who detected CTE in former Pittsburgh Steelers center Mike Webster’s brain.

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Charlie Sheen's Ex says She Had Unprotected Sex with the Actor

In a recent interview, 'Eight Men Out' star Charlie Sheen revealed he is HIV positive and paid millions to keep it a secret. Since the interview, a lot of people expressed what they think about Sheen's confession, and now, the actor's ex Amanda Bruce revealed about her unprotected sex with Sheen... read more

Deteriorating sense of smell is an early indicator of Alzheimer’s disease

Losing sense of smell is linked Alzheimer’s, finds a new research. Alzheimer’s Society has welcomed the study findings, which adds value to the already growing evidence that losing sense of smell is an early hint of Alzheimer’s disease.
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Vin Diesel reminds people He's been the Man for Some Time Now

Fans and critics shamed Vin Diesel last week when an unflattering image of him hit the web. The Last Witch Hunter actor sat down with Complex magazine and gave a reminder to all that he has been the man for some time now.

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Daniel Fells released from hospital for home

Daniel Fells, an American football tight end for the New York Giants of the National Football League, has been released from Hackensack University Medical Center after being treated for MRSA for three weeks. Since the time he has been diagnosed with MRSA, he was in the hospital.

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Halloween makeup can have unexpected consequences, warns New York Sen. Chuck Schumer

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer has warned that Halloween makeup can lead to unexpected consequences. The New York Post reported that Senator Schumer, during a press conference on Sunday, told families about the possible dangers of using face paint manufactured in China.

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Motorola will likely unveil two new Droid smartphones on Oct 27

Motorola and Verizon are set to introduce the 2015 lineup of Droid handsets at a forthcoming October 27 event to be held in New York City. The companies have already sent out the press invites for the special event.

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Motorola, Verizon will announce two new DROID handsets at Oct 27 event

At a forthcoming product launch event scheduled to be held in New York on October 27, two new handsets in the DROID lineup -- the DROID Turbo 2 and the DROID MAXX 2 -- will be announced by Motorola and Verizon.

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Children born to women who faced stress during pregnancy may have coordination problem in body movements in teenage

Stress can happen due to a number of reasons during pregnancy. Women who have faced stressful events during pregnancy may have children who can face coordination problem in their body movements as teenagers.

In the study, the researchers asked 2,900 women in Australia twice during their... read more

UberRush Merchant Delivery Service will officially Roll out in NYC: Uber

The same day delivery services have been seen used by players like Amazon, American cloud computing company, that are expanding their local grocery services, and companies like Jet that are doing core business around the format. Charles King, principal analyst at Pund-IT, said that Uber might be... read more

Billionaire hedge fund manager Kenneth Griffin and his wife reach divorce settlement

Wednesday morning, a Cook County Circuit Court administrator announced that a 14-month-old divorce case has finally been settled between billionaire hedge fund manager Ken Griffin and his wife, Anne Dias Griffin. The couple was married since July 2013.

Nairee Hagopian, a clerk for the... read more

El Niño-La Niña cycles to get worse with global warming

A new study published on Friday in the Journal Science Advances has suggested that global warming is likely to become double in frequency in this century. As a result, El Niño-La Niña cycles will also become stronger and more common.

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