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Ecstatic discovery: a glowing sea turtle

It’s an attention-grabbing discovery: a glowing sea turtle by marine biologist David Gruber. Gruber recently discovered the glowing turtle on his night dive in the Solomon Islands. While filming biofluorescence in small sharks and coral reefs, the City University of New York researcher saw a... read more

T-Mobile on pace to add more than 2.1 million total subscribers in Q3 2015

At the Goldman Sachs 24th Annual Communacopia conference held in New York on Friday, US wireless carrier T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere revealed that the total number of subscribers which the carrier has added during the 2015 third quarter will exceed 2.1 million.

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State officials investigate BNY Mellon on software glitch

State officials are scrutinizing Bank of New York Mellon’s handling of huge software glitch that occurred in August, in order to determine its effect on investors. According to Secretary of State William F. Galvin, last month, wrong valuations were provided by BNY Mellon for exchange traded... read more

Intuit stock declines after the company shares lower future earnings guidance

Intuit stock witnessed the highest decline in almost a decade after the company shared lackluster future guidance. Intuit declared earnings which were as per market expectations. The stock declined 13 percent, mainly due to cautious future guidance.

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New Emergency Health Regulations to combat Legionnaires’ Disease

On Monday, Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced the emergency health regulations. As per the regulations, it will be required in New York to have the testing and inspection of cooling towers to combat Legionnaires’ Disease.

As per the law, building owners having cooling towers will be... read more

80% of Americans do not eat Recommended Level of Fruits and Vegetables every day

Researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have unveiled that Americans are not having fruits and vegetables in proper amount on a daily basis. The report states that just 13% consume sufficient amount of fruits and 9% have enough vegetables.

The Behavioral Risk Factor... read more

Three Caregivers Ill-treat Disabled Nursing Home Patient

In an upsetting video caught by surveillance cameras at the Peninsula Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Far Rockaway, Queens, three nursing home workers can be seen ill-treating a patient, who was left bleeding from his head.

Investigation is going on in the case. As per prosecutors,... read more

Cruise Ship crashes into Lock on St. Lawrence River

The US Coast Guard said that some passengers got injured after a cruise ship hit a wall in the Eisenhower Lock in upstate New York on Thursday night.

The US Coast Guard said that the Saint Laurent crashed into a wall in the Eisenhower Lock in the Saint Lawrence Seaway in Massena, near the... read more

Bill makes Meningitis vaccine mandatory for students entering seventh or 12th grades

Under a bill passed this week by the State Legislature, seventh graders in New York State will be required to be vaccinated for meningitis.

The bill would necessitate students to enter seventh grade to receive the meningitis vaccine. A booster shot will be given in the 12th grade.

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Con Edison and New York City are reason behind East Harlem explosion

On Tuesday, Federal regulators said that an explosion in East Harlem, in which eight people were killed last year, would not have taken place if two of Consolidated Edison's gas pipes had been welded in proper way.

However, the regulators at the National Transportation Safety Board also... read more

New York police detective shoots gunman who injured a man

According to police, a cop shot a gunman after when he saw him shot another man in East Harlem.

According to police sources, two special-victims officers were in a car when they witnessed the man kill another man close to E. 102nd St. and First Ave. soon before 8 pm.

According to... read more

Dinosaurs were Warm-blooded Creatures: Study

A new study published in the journal Science has revealed that Dinosaurs were much closer to mammals than initially thought.

Since 19th century, scientists have been debating on the topic whether dinosaurs were slow, lumbering, cold-blooded creatures.

The researchers found that the... read more