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Central Park’s Lasker Ice Rink will be closed for the season

The Lasker Ice Rink will remain closed for the season as the refrigeration plant needs an urgent replacement. The official website of Lasker Rink announced that it will remain closed for the 2014-15 skating season.

The park announced that they will issue refund to people who paid for the... read more

West Virginia University Student Found Dead at Fraternity House

Officials reported that a West Virginia University student who was found unconscious and not breathing died Friday at a fraternity house. Nolan Michael Burch, 18, died a day after the school ordered a halt to all activities at fraternities and sororities.

Officials in a statement said... read more

‘Vacation Breasts’ Can Last For Up To Three Weeks, Says New York Plastic Surgeon Norman Rowe

It has been reported that a New York plastic surgeon has created a saline injection for 'Insta Breasts'. This vaccine would last for 24 hours. Presently Norman Rowe, the surgeon, is working to develop temporary breast enlargements that would last two to three weeks.

Rowe's newest... read more

Uber raising Funds to support Fast International Expansion

Uber Technologies provides a smartphone application that connects drivers with people who need a ride and the company has been able to add a healthy user base over the last few months. Uber is trying to raise funds of about $1 billion to finance its fast international expansion, according to... read more

FEMA asks NYC Adult Home Residents to repay Disaster Relief Aid

After Superstorm Sandy flooded homes in Belle Harbor Manor, the residents were forced to spend five months in different emergency shelters for disabled and elderly residents on Rockaway Beach Boulevard. However, at least a dozen of these residents have been asked by the Federal Emergency... read more

Fossil of creature Resembling Groundhog Unearthed in Madagascar

Majority of mammals in the dinosaur era were weak. But a team of researchers led by David Krause of Stony Brook University in New York have found an unusual fossil skull from Madagascar, which was quite heavy and resembled a big groundhog.

Krause said that it was a monster. It is the... read more

900 million ash trees are at risk of Emerald Ash Borer in New York

More than 900 million ash trees are at risk in New York as the Department of Environmental Conservation has confirmed the presence of Emerald Ash Borer in Broome County now.

Emerald Ash Borer is a small beetle that kills ash trees. It is native to Asia and Eastern Russia. Outside its... read more

HP unveils its first 3D printer called ‘Multi Jet Fusion’

Computer hardware and printing giant Hewlett-Packard (HP) recently unveiled its first concept 3D printer, called 'Multi Jet Fusion.' The newly-announced 3D printer, which HP showed off at an earlier-this-week event in New York, marks HP's foray into the currently-nascent 3D printing arena.

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Video showing harassment of woman goes viral

A video of a woman being harassed on the streets of New York by men has gone viral. The two-minute video shows actress Shoshana B Roberts walking silently in jeans and a T-shirt through Manhattan and she receives remarks from man after man like 'hey, baby' or 'hey, beautiful.'

When she... read more

Woman harassed 108 times in NYC

After Shoshana Roberts decided to wear a crewneck T-shirt and jeans and walk silently for 10 hours through the streets of New York City, she became a victim of repeated harassment. What is surprising here is the fact that she was harassed 108 times by her count with comments ranging from 'hey... read more

All about Jonas Salk, the Researcher who saved us from Polio

Jonas Salk, the creator of the polio vaccine, died back in 1995 but till date his medical research continues to change the world in a significant manner. Considering this aspect, Google also celebrated his birth anniversary.

He was born in 1914 in New York City and graduated in 1939 from... read more

NYC Police terms hatchet attack as an act of terrorism

The New York City police department has termed the hatchet attack on four officers as a terrorist act. Zale Thompson, 32, attacked four NYPD officers in Queens, N.Y. and was shot and killed. Once policeman is in a critical condition and other received medical care for hatchet wounds.

On... read more


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