Amazon expands one-hour delivery service to Seattle and three other Washington cities

Amazon has announced expansion of its one-hour delivery service to Seattle and three other Washington cities. Amazon is offering Prime Now through the mobile app exclusively for Prime members to order beer, wine and spirits.

In addition to one-hour delivery for $7.99, Amazon is also... read more

As Amazon announced amazing results, Jeff Bezos gains $7 billion in an hour

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos witnessed a massive jump in his personal wealth within an hour as investors cheered the amazing quarterly results. Amazon announced net income of 19 cents per share ($92 million) for the second quarter. Jeff Bezos became the fifth richest person in the world as Amazon stock... read more

New Research encourages Cancer Patients to Improve Sleep Patterns

A new study has pointed out that short sleep and snoring habit during pre-diagnostic stage is linked with low cancer-specific survival. Therefore, it has been suggested that cancer patients should improve their sleeping patterns.

Study's lead author Amanda Phipps, assistant professor of... read more

Unlicensed medical marijuana dispensaries in Seattle will be closed: Ed Murray

On Tuesday, Seattle's Mayor Ed Murray said the city's dozens of medical marijuana dispensaries that are operating without a license will be shut down.

The city said that this is a part of a statewide effort to bring together the unregulated system with the voter-approved recreational pot... read more

First Vending Machines to Dispense Marijuana Flower Buds introduced in Seattle

It has been reported that the first vending machines to dispense marijuana flower buds made a debut Tuesday in Seattle. Greg Patrick, a spokesman for the maker of ZaZZZ, American Green, said the machines, called ZaZZZ, have been placed in medical pot dispensaries, and will help verify a customer... read more

Online retailer Amazon shared that the company added 10 million new members to its Prime shipping and digital content over the holiday season.

Amazon has been successful in adding more members to its prime membership which costs $99 per year. Amazon prime offered free two-day shipping,... read more

The pre-1900 cedar mask is scheduled to go on public display next month

A very old tribal mask that is believed to have inspired the original Seattle Seahawks logo is going on display next month at the Burke Museum in Seattle.

The pre-1900 cedar mask is about 2 feet long, about 3 feet wide and weighs about 5 pounds. The mask is scheduled to be part of an... read more