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British astronaut visiting ISS hopes he could inspire young Britons for Mars Missions

Tim Peake, a former army major, will become the second British astronaut who will make a journey to the International Space Station. He hopes that his mission will be an inspiration for several young British residents for Mars mission.

The 43-year-old will be sent to ISS on a six-month... read more

Scientists develop Heat-activated ‘grenades’ filled with cancer-fighting drugs

Scientists have created heat-activated ‘grenades’ filled with cancer-fighting drugs, in the latest initiative taken for the treatment of the disease. The development of a heat-activated trigger for releasing the drugs has been called as a way to ensure that cancerous and not healthy tissue is... read more

Motorola’s new ‘Moto X Force’ handset will hit UK stores in November

Motorola has unveiled a new top-end handset called ‘Moto X Force.’ The handset is scheduled to hit the UK markets in November; and will also be available in Australia.

According to Motorola, one of the most noteworthy features of the new Moto X Force handset – which is basically a better-... read more

Olaparib found effective for up to a third of men with advanced prostate cancer, shows clinical trial

Olaparib, the first marketed drug to handle inherited cancer mutations, has received go-ahead for women with ovarian cancer having faulty BRCA genes. Now, this gene-targeting pill for women may also act as an effective treatment for around a third of men with advanced prostate cancer.

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New International Assessment shows Puffins and Turtle Doves Are at Risk of Extinction

The latest revision of a global conservation database has provided some shocking results about the four bird species of the UK. Famous puffins and turtle doves are also among the four UK birds that are at a risk of global extinction.

The latest annual revision of the International Union... read more

Sinkhole Three Times Larger Than First Could Open On Hertfordshire Street

A new sinkhole almost three times the size of the earlier one that opened on the Hertfordshire Street earlier this month is expected to open again on the same street, said experts. The new data came after experts conducted the geophysical survey of the area.

Experts after conducting... read more

UK launches Largest Clinical Trial to Test whether Aspirin can stop Cancer from Returning

A Cancer Research United Kingdom spokeswoman told AFP that around 9,000 patients in the United Kingdom will be recruited, while 2,000 in India will be involved in an anti-cancer trial, which is anticipated to open in 2016.

Researchers planned to separate patients into three different... read more

Clinical Trial on whether regular dose of aspirin can stop cancer recurrence launches in Britain

On Thursday, a clinical trial, the world’s largest ever, on whether taking aspirin on regular basis can stop five common cancers from recurring was launched in Britain. In the Add-Aspirin phase III trial, 11,000 patients will be enrolled who had or having treatment for bowel, breast, oesophagus... read more

University of Leeds Researchers to create Robots That Can Fix Street Lights and Potholes

Researchers at the University of Leads are working on a project that aims to develop robots that can fix streetlights and potholes on their own. The £4.2 million project aims to create ‘self-repairing cities’.

The team claimed that their robots will be able to identify the problems of any... read more

Many Cancer Patients lose lives for not being referred on time to specialist

A research paper published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) has unveiled that at least 2,400 cancer patients lose their lives every years just because their GP does not refer them to a specialist soon enough.

The research findings are based on the assessment of data of 215,284 English... read more

Holly Blue Butterfly returns to UK after years of Scarcity

According to the world’s largest annual insect count, a butterfly locked in a cyclical struggle with a parasitic wasp has made a strong comeback this summer after years of scarcity. The holly blue is the only blue butterfly that is regularly seen flying in gardens and city centers. In 2014, the... read more

Ancient skeletons reveal exotic burial rituals like mummification were practiced by Bronze Age Britons

A new analysis of ancient skeletons has found that Bronze Age Britons used to practice exotic burial rituals such as mummification. The research has been pegged as the first ever study, revealing mummification as one of the burial ritual being practiced throughout Bronze Age Britain.

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