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Researchers explain Moos of Cows

Researchers understood the moos of cows and they came to know that there are three clearly different call sounds. For this, researchers recorded and analyzed the way cattle and their calves communicate.

Scientists from the University of Nottingham and Queen Mary University of London... read more

When People Lose Fat then Fat Can be Breathed Out and Burnt Off

According to biochemists who have analyzed metabolism at a microscopic level, fat can breathed out and can also burned off when people lose fat. But they have also given warning that still people require to huff and puff with exercise to keep themselves slim.

Chemical bonds are broken, a... read more

Individuals who Feel Younger, Live Longer

Individuals who feel younger than their actual age, live longer according to a new study team that conducted an analysis of medical records. Two researchers from University College London concluded that feeling young helps people live longer and healthier life. The researchers analyzed medical... read more

Ancient Bronze Age skeleton could be of Early Ruler

Researcher had found a Bronze Age skeleton buried near Emsworth, a town on the south coast of England. The skeleton dated back to 4,000 years old and could be of an early ruler who would have died in combat, said researchers.

The skeleton had been named 'Racton Man'. It was unearthed... read more

Viking Treasures on Public Display in Yorkshire Museum

Viking treasures that were found by metal detectors in North Yorkshire will soon be back for public display in the Yorkshire Museum. These treasures are back in the museum after being restored.

After the collection was purchased by the Yorkshire Museum this year, the work of conservation... read more

Men indulge more in Risky Behavior than Women: Study

A recent study reveals that men usually take more risks than women. It also showed that men tend to be ahead of women in engaging in risky behavior that are extremely idiotic.

The team of researchers also revealed that receivers of Darwin Award are majorly men. To win a Darwin Award, a... read more

Geminid Meteor Shower on Saturday Evening

Charlene Elyea, naturalist for the O'Brien County Conservation Board, said that people can enjoy their time on Saturday evening near the Prairie Heritage Center by seeing the Geminid meteor shower.

The Geminid meteor shower is produced by an asteroid. It makes it distinctive as compared... read more

One of Biggest Fears of Prince Harry is Public Speaking

As part of an online campaign, FeelNoShame Twitter campaign, Britain's Prince Harry shared one of his biggest fears is public speaking.

Prince Harry's responsibility may include public appearances and speeches. But by this, it does mean that the royal finds these tasks quite easy. In fact... read more

Graphene can be used to Create More Efficient Hydrogen Fuel Cells, say researchers

Theorists have found that hydrogen despite having small atoms with just one proton and electron would take billions of years to penetrate into a single layer of graphene.

These calculations suggest that a single layer of graphene or boron nitride is highly permeable to protons.

... read more

Weak Spot in Graphene Could Revolutionize Fuel Cells

Researchers at Britain’s Manchester University found that graphene, the world’s strongest, thinnest and most impermeable material, could be helpful in revolutionizing fuel cell technology.

Andre Geim, who shared a Nobel Prize for the discovery of graphene, led the research and found that... read more

Heatwaves could Kill Thousands in Britain in Future: Royal Society Report

On Thursday, the Royal Society published its new report 'Resilience to Extreme Weather'.

The report warns that the coming generations will have to face deadly heatwaves, which could eventually kill thousands of people by the end of the century. Further it is said that if the governments... read more

Over 140 MPs and Peers Support Calls for Network of MPAs around UK

Today is the fifth anniversary of the Marine & Coastal Access Act (2009). On this eve, 120 MPs and 20 peers have shown their support to the work of 21 NGOs in promoting Wildlife and Countryside Link’s Marine Charter campaign.

They are supporting the creation of Marine Protected Areas... read more


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