‘Super Coral’ may be able to withstand hotter and more acidic oceans

At the time when scientists have been raising concerns about the pessimistic condition of coral reefs across the world, a group of researchers on Coconut Island are going to make an initiative to grow 'super coral', which could survive the extreme climatic conditions and more acidic oceans... read more

Coywolf emerges America’s Sturdiest Animal

Coywolf, a hybrid predator of the North American wolf and the coyote, has emerged as one the most rough and tough animals that can easily tread on harsh terrains.

The animal is identified as woyote, or the eastern coyote. The birth of the hybrid animal is a long-term result of the... read more

New International Assessment shows Puffins and Turtle Doves Are at Risk of Extinction

The latest revision of a global conservation database has provided some shocking results about the four bird species of the UK. Famous puffins and turtle doves are also among the four UK birds that are at a risk of global extinction.

The latest annual revision of the International Union... read more

Bikini Islanders seeking Refuge in the US

First nuclear tests and now climate change has made residents of Bikini Atoll move away from their residences. Now, the former residents of Bikini Atoll want to use their government trust fund to resettle in the US, USA Today reported.

In 1948, over 150 residents of Bikini Atoll were... read more

Sinkhole Three Times Larger Than First Could Open On Hertfordshire Street

A new sinkhole almost three times the size of the earlier one that opened on the Hertfordshire Street earlier this month is expected to open again on the same street, said experts. The new data came after experts conducted the geophysical survey of the area.

Experts after conducting... read more

Florida Ends Its Controversial Black Bear Hunt

Wildlife authorities in Florida said that they ended Florida ended its controversial black bear hunt after higher than expected bears were killed within a period of two days of the start of the hunt.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) released a statement saying... read more

Michigan DEQ admits critical mistakes were made that lead to contamination of Flint's drinking water

The leader of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality came forward on Monday and admitted that critical mistakes were made that lead to the contamination of Flint's drinking water. On Sunday, Dan Wyant, DEQ Director, accepted the mistakes made by the state in handling the situation and... read more

Amphibians using toxins to protect themselves at higher risk of extinction

A new research has unveiled that amphibians that use toxins to protect themselves from predators are at increased risk of extinction in comparison to those amphibians that choose other modes of defense.

Study’s lead researcher Kevin Arbuckle University of Liverpool in England was of the... read more

Big game officials announced of opening hunting season of musk oxen. Owing to warm temperatures, the ice sheets start melting and enter into the Bering Sea. When the oxen get stuck on the ice, they either starve or drown.   Hunting season of musk oxen is starting, said Big game officials. The hunting has been allowed for a reason, which is due to unusual warm temperatures, the ice sheets start melting and drift into the Bering Sea. If the herds get stuck in them then they meet one of the two fates, starve t

Big game officials announced of opening hunting season of musk oxen. Owing to warm temperatures, the ice sheets start melting and enter into the Bering Sea. When the oxen get stuck on the ice, they either starve or drown.

Therefore, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game said on Thursday... read more

A population of western painted turtles in Burnaby will soon have clean new home

A population of western painted turtles in Burnaby is soon going to have a clean new home. The new home will be free of the large pieces of metallurgical coal they have been living with since past year, when a train derailed in their backyard.

Deanna MacTavish and other members of the... read more

Flint reconnects to Detroit’s water system to resolve health issues

A health emergency occurred in Flint by switching the city's water source from Detroit’s water system to Flint River. The switch was made to save money, but it left children with increased lead levels. Now, Flint has reconnected to Detroit’s water system anticipating of resolving the health... read more

1B---14 companies express readiness to work with Governments and Civil Society to make Global Climate Agreement in Paris happen

World’s main players from some of the most carbon-intensive sectors like power, utilities, and industrial equipment have come forward to reduce greenhouse gases. A statement was released on Wednesday in which 14 corporations pushed for the United Nations Climate Change conference in Paris,... read more


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