Air Pollution in Twin Cities Contributes To 2,000 Deaths every Year

A recent data released by two Twin Cities agencies revealed that air pollution every year is responsible for nearly 2, 000 deaths and sends another 1,000 people to hospitals for treatment of diseases such as asthma and heart disease caused by air pollution.

Findings were released by the... read more

Hackers are draining bank accounts through Starbucks’ mobile app

Some Starbucks customers have had money taken out of the Starbucks mobile app by hackers with the help of a new attack. But, on Friday, the company said that it itself hasn’t been targeted.

The attack has first happened this week. It took advantage of a few things, including the Starbucks... read more

Be Careful as Prime Tick Season underway

Tick season is going on and at this time of year, it is widespread. In fact, dermatologists have shared that they are regularly seeing patients with ticks. There are people who do not even realize that parasites were stuck on them.

Roberto Cortinas, UNL Asst. Professor for School of... read more

Starbucks is Selling California Spring Water amid drought conditions

As the Golden State battles one of the worst droughts in recent memory, Starbucks owned bottled-water company is drawing on precious springs of California to sell water.

According to a report by Mother Jones, Ethos in California is continuing to sell locally sourced spring water at almost... read more

China Mobile adds 53 million users to 4G network in first quarter

China Mobile Ltd. added about $21 billion of market value in Hong Kong after the firm reported increasing adoption of its 4G services.

The world's biggest wireless carrier surged 7.5% to HK$115.9 at the close of trade, the biggest gain in almost six years. In the first quarter, China... read more

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