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California Chrome’s composure is result of stringent training: Kalley Krickeberg

Regardless of the chaotic environment at the recently held Belmont Stakes, California Chrome remained so composed and chilled because of training from way back when he was a baby, a demonstrator of techniques for training young horses said.

Demonstrating techniques for training horses at... read more

Yuba City residents & businesses go crazy for California Chrome

Fans of California Chrome, particularly in Yuba City, are enthusiastically showing their support for the racehorse, which is all set to vie for Triple Crown trophy.

The excitement can be noticed everywhere, but fans in Yuba City are more excited than anybody else as they believe that the... read more

California Chrome co-owner Perry Martin will return to receive Derby trophy

Racehorse California Chrome's co-owner Perry Martin said on Tuesday that he would return next week to receive the engraved Derby trophy, though he was upset about the sort of treatment that his group received during the Derby.

Martin's mother was watching horse race at the Derby from... read more

California Chrome faces challenging task

While many people are optimistic that renowned racehorse California Chrome will be able to win Triple Crown title by winning the upcoming Belmont race, we should keep it in mind that many of the previous Derby and Preakness winners failed to win the 1½-mile Belmont Stakes.

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