Fjords sequester 18 Million Tonnes of Carbon Every Year

A new study has found that fjords are not just beautiful, but they also have a major role in carbon cycle on earth. According to the study, fjords, which cover just 0.3% of the planet’s surface, sequester about 18 million tonnes of carbon every year.

The study reported on May 4 in Nature... read more

Volcano erupting off the coast of Oregon not a threat: Scientists

An underwater volcano caused approximately 8,000 earthquakes off the Oregon coast on April 24. The supposed eruption at the Axial Seamount did not come as a surprise for scientists. Bill Chadwick, a geologist at Oregon State University predicted that an eruption could take place this year. Now... read more

FWS reinstates protection for gray wolf

On Thursday, the US Fish and Wildlife Service re-established protections under the federal Endangered Species Act for the gray wolf in Minnesota and nearby states. The protections were reinstated after a federal judge struck down the agency's decision to remove protections.

In 2012, the... read more

Bar-headed geese follow a roller coaster flight pattern to migrate across Himalayas

A team led by researchers from Bangor University has tracked the flight of the geese and revealed that these birds migrating to tropical regions such as India from Mongolia during the winters and back to Mongolia during the spring have evolved within themselves a roller coaster flight pattern so... read more

Wyoming Game & Fish Department disappointed at court ruling on endangered Gray Wolves

Wyoming Game & Fish Department has confirmed that it will set up a system to refund hunters who have already purchased licenses for hunting gray wolves as hunting of the wild beast remained under suspension following a ruling by a federal judge.

On September 23, U.S. District Court... read more

Antifreeze Proteins help Notothenioid fish survive in icy Water

A new research team has recently discovered that several species of Antarctic notothenioid fish possess the ability to live in cold waters by producing proteins similar to antifreeze. The protein keeps pieces of ice inside the fish from getting larger. However, the same protein does not allow... read more

Autumnal Equinox Occurs at 10:29 pm on Sept 22

The autumnal fall equinox happened at 10:29 pm Eastern Standard Time on September 22. The sunrays hit Earth directly on the equator, indicating the coming of the autumnal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere.

As explained by Sky & Telescope, the autumnal equinox shows a unique... read more

Jellyfish Sting Action Captured in Video

When you are on holidays and relaxing on beach, getting stung by a jellyfish is the last thought that would come to your mind. If you have never been stung, it's great then. But for those who have been stung, the experience is very painful.

To know the reason behind it, Destin Sandlin,... read more

FWS to Sterilize Endangered Desert Tortoises

Backyard tortoises have become a threat for the endangered desert tortoises. US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) officials are taking a very peculiar step to save these species and that is to sterilize them.

Officials termed the action to be necessary if they have to protect the species... read more


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