ARCA Space Corporation announces Vaporware Hoverboard for $19,900

ARCA Space Corporation has announced a hoverboard that can run for six-minutes and can support up to 80 kg weight. The hoverboard has been priced at $19,900 by the company and will be available by April 2016.

For adventure lovers, hoverboards are fun and have been in demand in the recent... read more

Texas Father who attacked Doctors in January over his Brain-dead Son Released from Jail

A Texas man who suffered a stroke that left him brain dead got a new life when his father threatened doctors from removing him off life support with a gun. The father said he broke law to buy some time with his son. The man has been released this week from prison after judges removed one of the... read more

Google-owned Robotics firm Boston Dynamics’ creepy video leaves holiday revelers aghast

Amid the Christmas and New Year holiday season, Google-owned engineering firm Boston Dynamics, a robotics company, has done something unpleasant. A video posted by the company on the internet with good intentions has left holiday revelers somewhat distasted. In the video, a headless mechanical... read more

Oso Landslide Shows Slopes Have Been Collapsing Every 140 Years: Study

A newly published study has shown that 2014’s Oso massive landslide which led to havoc in the region, might have occurred in the past as well. Researchers, during the study, found that the area have collapsed every 500 years on average, and with far higher frequency in the past millennium i.e.... read more

Anyone below 18 years shouldn’t play football because of risks of long-term brain injury, Dr. Bennet Omalu argues

Dr. Bennet Omalu argued in a recent New York Times editorial that anybody below 18 years shouldn’t play football because of long-term brain injury risk. Forensic pathologist Omalu was the one who detected CTE in former Pittsburgh Steelers center Mike Webster’s brain.

The discovery made... read more

T-Mobile throttling video content and reducing quality: YouTube

Alphabet’s YouTube has blamed telecom operator T-Mobile for throttling its videos for mobile customers. T-Mobile recently introduced Binge On service for its customers and YouTube has claimed that T-Mobile is deliberately slowing down streaming of video content on its network. T-Mobile responded... read more

Chinese first mission to softly land on moon’s surface discovers new kind of volcanic moon rock

The first Chinese mission that has made a soft landing on the moon’s surface has found a new type of volcanic moon rock. The discovery has marked the first time in nearly 4 decades that a new finding has got confirmation from the surface of the moon.

As per Washington University in St.... read more

More Trouble for Chipotle: Shares fall 5%, Analysts downgrading Ratings

Chipotle Mexican Grill has already closed some of its restaurants and says it has no clue on what’s sickening its customers. While the company was trying to figure out sources of first E. coli outbreak, it is hit by second outbreak with different strain.

The Centers for Disease Control... read more

Winter effect of Arctic emissions may have been understated, fear scientists

A new study has brought forth a startling finding that Arctic permafrost and methane, the gases released below the surface of the ice, have been released at a much higher rate in recent years than thought earlier, a factor that has contributed immensely to climate change and global warming.... read more

Giant comets lying within outer planetary region of Solar System pose much greater hazard than asteroids

A group of astronomers from Armagh Observatory and the University of Buckingham have reported that the discovery of hundreds of huge comets in the outer planetary system during past 20 years are the indicators that these objects pose a quite bigger threat to life as compared to asteroids.

read more
Venomous Yellow-bellied Snake, Rare to California, found Dead in Huntington Beach

A poisonous yellow-bellied washed ashore Thursday in Huntington Beach has been found dead, Surfrider Foundation said. Before this, the extremely venomous snake has been seen only twice in California.

The snake was found by a volunteer who was cleaning up Bolsa Chica State Beach with 274... read more

Inhibitory Brain Chemical linked to Autism Risk: Harvard Research

An inhibitory neurotransmitter that regulates excitation and inhibition could play an important role in ascertaining autism risk, according to Harvard and MIT researchers. The study published in the journal Current Biology was led by Caroline Robertson, a junior fellow of the Harvard Society of... read more


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