Michigan focuses on prevention of tobacco use by raising cigarette tax

According to a report by the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, Michigan failed to reduce the sufferings of the people who regularly use tobacco and tobacco products. It further added that measures should be taken by conducting various cessation programs and creating awareness... read more

FBI ‘Small Air Force’ Snoops over US Citizens

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is facing the wrath of Americans owing to the high-tech surveillance equipment it has deployed to spy over them. This follows the FBI’s installing of two small planes to capture possible criminal activity in Baltimore, after the death of 25-year old black man... read more

At the annual national meeting of the Boy Scouts in Atlanta, Robert M. Gates, President of Boy Scouts of America and former Secretary of defence, warned group executives that they must deal with the world as it existed and not the way they wished it to be while urging for an end to the blanket... read more

Canada Sets New Target to Reduce GHG Emissions

On Friday, Canada’s Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq promised in Winnipeg that the nation will reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 30% below 2005 levels over the next 15 years.

She also provided details as to how the country will achieve the target. She said that it is quite a... read more

It’s a See-Saw Ride for NSA’s Surveillance Program

Thursday saw a three-judge panel at the US Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit in New York declare that the National Security Agency’s Mass Surveillance Program, which collates the telephone records of Americans, exceeds its authority and is illegal.

The revelation last year by NSA... read more

EU unveils digital strategy

With the hope that breaking down borders can revive the bloc's economy, the EU has unveiled plans to shake up rules for online services, but has risked accusations of trying to throw up new barriers to the US firms that dominate its market.

On Wednesday, with some fanfare the European... read more

Carolyn Grawi appointed interim president & CEO of Ann Arbor CIL

The Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living (CIL) on Friday named Carolyn Grawi as its new interim president and chief executive officer.

Grawi has been serving the CIL as vice president and chief program officer (CPO). He has been appointed to the higher position by the organization's... read more

Lansing HR department gets interim director

Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero on Thursday announced the appointment of Attorney Janene McIntyre as interim director of the city's Human Resources (HR) department.

Mayor Bernero said in a statement that McIntyre would temporarily replace Terri Taylor, who is stepping from the position to... read more

Detroit City Council regains decision-making powers

The Council of financially beleaguered city of Detroit on Thursday regained most of its decision-making powers from state-appointed emergency manager Kevyn D. Orr.

Orr, who had been overseeing the city for around 18 months, will continue to serve the city as the emergency manager until... read more

Detroit council discusses emergency manager Kevyn Orr’s fate

The Detroit City Council on Wednesday discussed emergency manager Kevyn Orr's fate but could not reach a final agreement on what role he would play if he is removed from his current position.

Council members will discuss Orr's fate in a private session on Thursday - the third consecutive... read more

Detroit heavily recruiting bus drivers

With a sincere intention to improve its on-time performance, the Detroit Department of Transportation (DDoT) is recruiting new bus drivers. The transportation department has already hired more than 20 bus drivers and has plans to recruit nearly 50 men and women by the end of the current year.... read more

Detroit water department defends its shutoff policy

The water department of beleaguered city of Detroit defended its shutoff policy on Monday, arguing that it could not give away water for free. A coalition the ACLU, city residents and civil rights activists challenged the Detroit Water & Sewerage Department's shutoff policy and requested... read more


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